Monday, October 3, 2022

Memphis Comics Expo 9/24/2022 - Fozzie!

Celebrating Jim Henson's birthday on September 24, 2022, the same day as Memphis Comics Expo, I dressed in my green Jim Henson Boyhood Museum t-shirt, topped off by a Kermit cap, and my Kermit limited edition Reeboks.  But, I took my Fozzie Bear replica along with me who, in the spirit of cosplay, was dressed in a Superman t-shirt and cape!

Several folks who know him asked where Muley was (at home, by the way, doing some writing, or drawing).  Still, there were some great smiling faces when they saw Fozzie.

I went with Martheus and Anakin Wade, Janet Wade's sister Sharon Dumer and her two kids Mara and Aayla, and of course Fozzie.  See the episode of Wade's World below at the 16 minute mark for Martheus' interview with Fozzie.

Photo by Lin Workman

In the video, he also interviews cartoonists Greg Cravens and Mike Norton.

Photo by Nicki Workman

Upon entering we ran into Deadpool with photos taken by harvtography.

Over at the Cause-Play Memphis booth, we ran into our good friends Garrett and Nikkie Dunnewold

Photo by Garrett Dunnewold

And ran into our friend Derrick Patterson, pictured here with Kermit and Peter Prankster of Tik Tok.
Photo by Derrick Patterson

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