Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Draw, Drew, Draw

I've been to many movies and there have been as many movie posters that I have seen which I absolutely love.  Of course, all the movies I absolutely love have something in common.  Know what it is?

Let's look at these images and see if we can guess...

The Muppets

Indiana Jones



Star Wars

Back to the Future

Okay, if you said "the 1980's" then you're right.  But, the posters were all done by one man.

Drew Struzan

I just watched a documentary about him on Netflix called "Drew: The Man Behind The Posters" and it told his life-story in art, how he got the gigs, and all the joys and tumults of the business.  Lots to learn as an artist, and a lot of inspiration to be had.  This is why I needed to write a post about him because frankly, I've been a fan of "drew" but had no clue who he was. 

Today, I know Drew Struzan (so to speak) and want to let everyone else know who the great artist is behind the greatest movie posters of all time.

PLUS, he meet Miss Piggy.  Jealous of his artistry and that he met Miss Piggy!