Sunday, December 8, 2019

Caroll Spinney - Dec. 26, 1933 - Dec. 8, 2019

Everyone who knows me knows my adoration for many, but one hero flies high above the others which is Caroll Spinney.

Back in 2016, I had a chance to meet him, and that reflection can be found by CLICKING HERE.

It was an amazing experience to shake his hand, to see him in person, to hear his voice and his stories that he shared with me.

Today, though, the bad news comes from several communications that he's gone on to feather his nest elsewhere.  Extremely saddened by this news, my immediate thought was to sit down and create - just as he'd inspired me all my life to do.  I created this little tribute to him.

I'm so thankful I was able to grow up with one of my best friends who only met me in passing at a convention, who didn't even know how much adoration was being sent in his direction.  I got to watch Big Bird grow and learn at the same time I did - that was certainly magical.

I thank his family for sharing him with us, too.  Deb Spinney is one of the most wonderful spirits there is, and meeting her was as wonderful as meeting him.  My love goes out to the family as well.

I'll continue to grow and learn and create.  I think that would be a grand dedication to a life well-lived, to not only meeting his own dreams and making them come true, but bringing us new dreams and inspiring us to make them come true.

Indeed, fly high like a big bird should, Caroll.  We'll see you around the corner one day.

To repeat the final portion of the story about my having met him:

AFTERWORDMuley and my signed collectibles back in the bag, I thanked both Caroll and Debbie and walked toward the exit curtain.  There stood my pal, Lori, "Well?"
"Big Bird said 'Hey' to me," I said with a quivering lip.
Lori smiled, "You can fan-boy now." Yeah, I did.

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