Friday, October 21, 2022

Memphis Zoo Boo - 10/21/2022

Memphis Zoo Boo was a lot of fun, people in costumes were the best and the candy stations were not stingy with the candy.  Janet Wade (not in costume, boooooo), Anakin Wade (dressed as a Ghostbuster), DaMarco Randle (it's a-Mario!), and I (Scarecrow of Oz {books}) went and met up with Julie Minh and her young'uns.

Marco was a hit as everyone kept shouting out, "Mario!"  Even other folks dressed as Mario.

Demigorgon in the plaza

Halloween Tree

We met two lovely merfolk

Super Mario and Mario Regular

Zoo Train Tunnel

The aquarium and lights

There were animatronic bugs!

Mario AND Luigi!

I love visiting the flamingos.

Scarecrow in Scary Lights

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