Saturday, September 3, 1994

Store - Collectibles and More

So, in an effort to raise money for my dog's surgeries and cancer treatment, I'm selling the following items from my collection.  I usually send a themed quick sketch with the shipments when they go, and can personalize that if preferred, just e-mail to let me know.

I can take payments via PayPal.  Pay to "Friends & Family" so I don't get extra charges, and memo me what item you wish to have.

Price will include shipping/handling, and I'll throw in a sketch of Cookie Monster.  This live-hands Cookie Monster has a mouth plate with grips, has room to add a sleeve so he can swallow things, and has GOOGLY EYES!  It is a beautiful, professionally-constructed piece.  It had one owner before me and there is a slight stain in the mouth where they tried to feed the puppet an actual cookie, but I'll send the information on rice cakes to paint as a cookie for him to eat.
WHY DID I BUY THIS AT SUCH A BIG PRICE?  Purchased a few months ago from a fellow fan after having learned a kid at LeBonheur Children's Hospital wanted to meet Cookie Monster as his Make-a-Wish wish; but, unfortunately, by the time I got the puppet the kid had passed away.  Now, I have a great, expensive puppet that I can't use for anything since I have all my own characters which I perform.  Since my dog needs cancer treatments, I need the money more than the puppet.  The video attached is from the intro video I planned to send the hospital.  Other videos were taken on my cell phone for fun. 


Playhouse needs a good home:
$25.00  (Selling about $30 on eBay.)
This retro playset has been cleaned and refurbished.  There is a corner at the very top that was broken which has been glued back into place (photo below), all the doors and swivels work.  The stickers are in the same condition they were in when I purchased this piece.  The green door on back no longer "clicks" when turned.  If interested, please e-mail me at kevinmule @ hotmail . com
($25 Shipping and Handling, it will be well-packed so it doesn't shift in shipment.)