Wednesday, July 4, 2018

ROKU TV Screen Saver References/Easter Eggs

While watching the ROKU screen saver, I began noticing some things throughout beginning with Ghostbusters Headquarters!  The firehouse has been used in several films.  I wonder what else I can see?  Some of these are easy, some are not.  What do you think?  Anything to add?

Also, I didn't want to promote other shows on my blog, so I replaced some advertisements with The Muley and Friends Show logos and images.  Isn't selfish promotion great?

Foreground Buildings:

Ghostbusters Firehouse (swaps places with a building with sidewalk cafe, top window a leg?)
Factory?  Is that Oscar the Grouch in front?  What are the shadow creatures?
Courthouse from Back to the Future /w Tardis in front.
Barber Shop referencing Barbershop(?), top right window a reference to Hitchcock's "Rear Window?"
Building with Singing in the Rain, but A Christmas Story Leg Lamp in top left window.
The Majestic Theater (also reminds me of The Muppet Theater, Gremlins, ?)
Building that looks like a club?
Mansion?  someone said the Psycho House - it is not.

In The Water:

Pirates of the Caribbean (with Cracken Tentacles)
Castaway w/ Wilson the Soccer ball.
Submarine: Red October or 20,000 Leagues under the sea?
Escape from Acatraz

In The Distance:

Pacific Rim or Godzilla?
Golden Gate Bridge? (Aurora Lights over the bridge)
Sleepless in Seatle, SpaceNeedle
King Kong
Ferris Wheel from...?
Independence Day blowing up  Big Ben
Mary Poppins
Volcano: Dragon and Volcano "Lord of the Rings" or simply the old film: Volcano?
Wizard of Oz Emerald City
Sky Captain and City of Tomorrow
Robot from Sky Captain?
Daily Planet (Superman)
Avengers' Tower