Friday, October 7, 2022

Elmwood Soul of the City 10/7/2022

Crone Memorials is a sponsor of the Raymond James Soul of the City tour at Elmwood Cemetery which I visited on October 7, 2022.  

Eighty thousand people rest in Elmwood Cemetery. They created the world we inhabit. Gave us our culture.

And they made the music that the world knows us for.

This October, you can meet the songwriters, producers, composers, and singers of Elmwood Cemetery. They'll tell their stories from afternoon to evening from Thursday, October 6th to Saturday, October 8th.

Hear about Jimmie Lunceford's incredible accomplishments in teaching high schoolers Big Band music so well that they toured nationally, even performing in the Cotton Club. Listen to Sister Thea Bowman's glorious march towards Sainthood, and how she influenced Catholic church music. Walk through the sacred cemetery grounds, visiting our residents as their music floats by you. Grammy Award-winners, the legend of Stagger Lee, the beloved cook to a King, a sweet horn section, rock 'n roll, and the blues will be a part of the story we tell.

This incredible event happens only once a year. Begin your October festivities at Elmwood Cemetery.

Hostess welcomes us all to Elmwood Cemetery.

Wayne Jackson's story told by Dorothea Henry Winston
(Performed by Cathi Johnson)

"Stagger" Lee Shelton story told by Lady Lee Edge
(Performed by Sheena Barnett)

Sid Selvidge story told by Emily Sutton
(Performed by Virginia Pleasants)

Jimmy Lunceford story told by James Avadalis
(Performed by Kevin Rardin)

Mary Jenkins Story told by Grace Toof
(Performed by Cookie Hatchett)

Sister Thea Bowman story by Sister Constance
(Performed by Pam Rumage)

Beautiful Elmwood Cemetery

John Hampton story told by Lawson Treadwell
(Performed by Hal Perry)

Lilly May Glover story told by James Stewart
(Performed by Michael Pogson)

Another beautiful sky over Elmwood


The Soul of the City Tour is being brought to you in part by the Crawford Howard Private Foundation.

Please help us thank and celebrate our generous sponsors. 

Presenting Sponsor


Granite Sponsor

Crone Monument Company 

Last Stop Sponsor

Carol & Will Leatherman 

Gant Systems

Memphis Zoo 

Undertaker Sponsor 

Ellen & Kevin Rardin

Eclectic Eye

HHM Certified Public Accountants 

LaUna Brubaker

Sowell Realtors

Pallbearer Sponsor


Michael & Carolyn Fisher 

Nino & Charles Shipp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Williams 

Baltz & Sons Concrete

Boyle Insurance Agency 

Pugh's Earthworks

Kat & Dave Schwartz

Gina Pickens

Kelly Drake

Nora & Dan Conaway 

Gravedigger Sponsor 

Nancy Dowling 

Henry Turley 

Lincoln's Costume Shoppe 

Sponsorship of the Soul of the City is also provided by the following dedicated Cradle Gardeners:

Kim Lane, Vicki & Dan Murrell, Lyn & Ted Bailey, Linda Smothers, Elizabeth Mills, Judy Card, Erin Hillis, Teresa Ward


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