Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Vacation June 2021

 This is the first-ever trip in YEARS that didn't find me performing or doing panels - just actually sitting back, relaxing for a few days, with an awesome view and tranquility.  I HIGHLY recommend anyone seeking peace and quiet to make the trip there and stay.  CLICK HERE to reserve the cabin.

When you exit the main road, you drive through a shallow rock bed lined creek, up the driveway, past the owners' home, down a gravel road past a lake to reach the A-frame building.  Already, you are far away from the world (sometimes you can hear a car on the road that lines the property, but not much).  It's a working cattle farm, and you can also hear the cows mooing in the distance; but, mostly you hear the birds, geese, the fountain in the lake, the large frogs at night.

The house was comfortable, had a fridge with freezer, coffee pot, microwave, two eye camping stove, small toaster oven, and an air fryer.  Outside is a grill and fire pit.  You can take your own food to cook without ever having to leave the property, and I was so glad for that.  I took some English muffins; but, I found myself walking from the deck, down the pier, to a gazebo over the lake and feeding the fish.  Don't just throw bits of bread down as it will only float; but, pinch it tight and throw it into the water, it will sink and then spread back out giving a good bite to the fish.  The turtles were bashful, the geese kept their distance, and I only saw one snake.

It was so peaceful and quiet that I hated leaving for the real world.  I hope to go back sometime.  But, you don't have to go alone: upstairs is a queen bed, the couch folds out to a full bed, and a half bed is in the entry area next to the bathrooms.  It's very spacious.