Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Maurice Sendak "Drawing the Curtain"

One of my favorite books has been "Where the Wild Things Are" with art by Maurice Sendak, one of my favorite illustrators.  He's got beautiful lines when he works.  As a matter of fact, Muley the Mule read the book as part of his "Muley Reads" series which you can watch if you CLICK HERE.

The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art ran the exhibition "Drawing the Curtain" and I got to go see the show with my friends Lin Workman and Dale Martin, also members of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association.

Taking the designs Sendak created for stage sets, costumes, and full-bodied puppets, "Drawing the Curtain" is an exciting look into the behind-the-scenes of theater production.  And even the storyboards, which you'll see, were completed pieces of art, not just quick sketches to convey an idea.  So much detail in even the smallest illustration leaves the viewer in awe!

Below is a video showing some of his 3D stage design work.  I think you'll be able to truly appreciate the work when viewed that way.



Lin and Dale check out the Sendak book display!