Thursday, October 13, 2022

Octagon Hall Investigation - 10/13/2022

Friends invited me to Franklin, KY, to the historic 1847 ante bellum Octagon Hall Museum - named such due to its brilliant construction in the shape of an octagon.  It's such an interesting place, still filled with furnishings original to the property!  In the backyard is a Summer Kitchen, two big barns, a family cemetery, and out in the field is a slave cemetery (the trees also forming an octagon).

The octagon shapes means there are sides facing north, south, east, and west.  Windows on the next sides allow light in during the Solstice or Equinox.  It has a great history, too.  Besides being a residence, it's also been a hospital, Masonic Lodge, and a safe house for Confederate Soldiers.  

It's not shy on ghost stories, either, which is why we went there to investigate - though our only experiences were a motion sensor that activated on the third step up from the first floor, and simultaneous motion sensors lighting up even on request at the slave cemetery.  From what I have heard, I expected a LOT more activity.  We may have to go again to get anything happening.

On my way there, I saw a few peculiar things that were fun:

Pink elephant outside a liquor store!

Eventually, I reached the destination: Octagon Hall!

Lots of signed photos from previous visitors and
shows or podcasts who have been there.

Looking from the ruins of a slave quarters to the
field where the family cemetery and the slave
cemeteries are located.

Family cemetery.

Slave cemetery.

Then, night fell and the investigation began:

Finally, while Barb and I visited the slave cemetery, across the way in the sheep field we hears howls, barking, yelping - it was time to go indoors!  The howling, yowling sound was just different than I'd heard before.  And, when we got to the house?  It stopped.  

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