Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

Robert Johnson: Living in Memphis Pt. 2

 In a previous post, I talked about the houses where blues legend Robert Johnson lived with his sisters while in Memphis, TN.  Tonight (8/14/2020), Lisa and I did a drive-by - except I got out and walked around the property.

Our office secretary told me to be sure I go out there with someone because that's the kind of location where homeless people like to live.  Sometimes they may make spooky sounds hoping to run someone away, and if you don't go: they attack!

After I took the photo of the inside of the window, I turned around and nearly pooped.  Out of nowhere this old man was sitting on the steps of the back of the big house!  We exchanged some pleasantries, and I made haste out of there (ran like hell)!

Here are the photos of the property.  I want to go back sometime when it's earlier in the day, explore the interior of the 'rear house,' and hopefully have a policeman with me!

Robert and family originally lived at 285 E Georgia Avenue in the big house, then moved to the rear house, before moving around the corner to Hernando St.