Sunday, June 4, 2017

Superman Celebration June 8-11, 2016

One of my greatest pleasures in life happens the second weekend of June in a little town called Metropolis, IL.  SUPERMAN CELEBRATION gets me an opportunity to see many friends (family!) that we only see once per year.  It is three days of blissful joy, and I love every second of it.

Always close to my heart are Karla Ogle and Lisa Gower, and their parents, Papa Cliff and Mama Wanda Helm.  I look forward to seeing those four each year and celebrate their hard work and dedication to the event.

This year, I get to head up some puppet-making workshops that are wonderful and fun, and I love seeing the creations that come from what people are creating!   Then, we have two Muley and Friends Show LIVE! performances, with Muley helping Joan co-host the Kids' Costume Contest!

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