Sunday, December 17, 2023

Muley Sermon "Hope for the Future" 12 17 2023

Muley the Mule, Buford the Dog, Roy Duck, and Missy Mule visited First Congregational Church of Memphis on December 17, 2023, to talk about being the hope for the future, and that when worries arise kids can go to their grown-ups for help.

Missy Mule assisted by Janet Wade
Muley the Mule assisted by Kevin L Williams
Buford the Dog assisted by Martheus Wade
Roy Duck assisted by DaMarco Randle

Written, Produced, and directed by Kevin Williams
Additional writing DaMarco Randle and Janet Wade
Sound by Antonious Smith
Video by First Congo

"A Million Dreams" by
"Eye Laugh" theme by David Fesliyan Studios

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Wizard of Oz 1995

 While perusing the Germantown Community Theater's website, I found "previous seasons" where in 1995 I got to be Tin Man in a production of "The Wizard of Oz."  Our director changed the script up a little bit to reflect the book (I think we went back to silver shoes instead of ruby slippers).

Anyway, it's kind of fun to see me representing!!

All the stars were magnificent in this play.  I should gather all the photos and put them together in a post.  I think I may even have the play as a movie.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Horror Sketchcards

Lin Workman shared some Horror Sketchcard Blanks given to him by Richard Parks of RRParks CARDS.  Lots of fun comes from playing with the Mid-South Cartoonists Association!

This represents my first time drawing Sam from Trick r Treat, Winifred Sanderson, and Goliath from Gargoyles.  I haven't drawn Frazzle from Sesame Street in a long, long time, nor Scooby-Doo.  Can you imagine that I have drawn Count von Count a few times?

Sketch Cards for 901 Comics - November 2023

 901 Comics East, where the Mid-South Cartoonists Association holds several events, asked me to draw some sketch cards for their giveaways.  These are the ones I created, and I hope you like them.  Be sure to shop at 901 Comics East for your chance to snag one of these little beauties.

This was my first time drawing sketch cards, and it was fun.  It was also my first time drawing E.T., a Minion (I chose to draw Kevin), Luffy from "One PIece," and the rest are characters I've drawn time and again, because it's just fun to draw them.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Robert Johnson Living In Memphis - Part 2 (11/24/2023)

I made a 10 minute trip from home to the place where Robert Johnson lived in Memphis, and wanted to share the photos as a follow-up.  Sadly, the second house behind the "big house" is now ashes.  I'd hoped there would be some sort of foundation so I could see the layout of the house, but there wasn't.  At least the big house is still there.

These next few photos look toward the ravene where the family would swim and play in the water.

This is the sight of Sister Carrie's house, the last place Robert Johnson performed in Memphis before his untimely death.  To the right are the train tracks that he used to go to and hop the trains to travel to Arkansas and Mississippi.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

The Count von Count, 16x24" Acrylic on Canvas

For the Mid-South Cartoonists Association art show, Drawing Blood: An MSCA Art Show That Sucks, I wanted to paint both the Count von Count.

He first appeared on Sesame Street in 1972, the same year I appeared on the planet.  I chose a screen shot from his first appearance on that show, drew it on tracing paper, and then transferred that to the black canvas.  I used thick outlines around him as I used to love the Sesame Street coloring books back in the day!

The toy of the Count was from the Fisher Price 1973 Sesame Street Playhouse Playset.  Yes, I have both sets in my collection with boxes.  

Below you can see the progress images of the creation of the paintings, including the source material and the pencil drawings I made to transfer to the canvases.

I felt his coloring was too dark, so I asked my friend Zach if he thought the same and he did.  So, I sent the color sample below, we agreed on it, and that was the continuance of the painting.  It had to change for the better!

And for fun, when Bram Stoker's Dracula movie came out, I loved the font in the logo and so I painted it, too, on posterboard.  It's very fragile now and falling apart.