Sunday, January 30, 2022

The Robert Johnson Collection

It's easiest to compile all the posts into one to help others when seeking out the information (especially me!).  Click on the titles to visit the stories!  If I get more posts about Robert Johnson, I'll share those links below as well.

PLANNING THE TRIP - details about why the trip was necessary to me.

LEG 1 - Leaving and Living - Stopping at a few proposed "crossroads" and the Jim Henson Boyhood Museum.

LEG 3 and 2a - Emmett Till and Leaving Leland - I wanted to share Leg 3 first, about Emmitt Till because he deserved more story.  Then, I went back to share Leg 2a and the trip after leaving Leland.

LEG 2b - Dusty Roads and Headstones - visiting Charley Patton, Willie Foster, BB King, and Robert Johnson.

That marks the end of that trip.

This is the story about his life in Memphis and locating the houses where he lived at the time, based on the book Brother Robert by Ms. Annie Anderson, his sister.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Muley Reads: Super Circus

Muley Reads: Super Circus!  This book is based on a show from the 1950's and features many of the same popular characters: Nicky, Cliffy, Claude Kirchner, Mary Hartline, and Scampy.

At the Super Circus, clowns Nicky and Cliffy create an act that leaves little clown Scampy out!  When he realizes this, he disappears!!  Where has he gone? What will he do if he can’t be in their act?  When we get left out because we’re not “big enough,” should we just give up?  Let's read the book to see what we might do instead of giving up.

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