Saturday, September 28, 2013

John Rose "Snuffy Smith" Book Signing

I've always been a fan of Snuffy Smith.  Could it be because of his buddy Barney Google's horse named "Sparky" is also the nickname of my long-time hero, Charles "Sparky" Schulz?  Or, could it be because I feel a special kinship to those hillbillies?  I think it's the kinship as much as anything.

I had a chance to meet my buddy John Rose, who is now the cartoonist for Billy DeBeck's "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" comic strip, back in 2006 when the Southeastern Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society met in Memphis for the Fall Meeting.  It was a fun time to be had! 

So, a long time passes and I found out he was headed to Nashville for a signing at Ernest Tubb's Record Shop.  When a friend travels in from that distance I have just got to go visit!  Other Memphis cartoonists also went to visit (you'll meet them below) and some local Nashvegasians were there as well.  The reason of the trip?  To sign the first collection of his "Snuffy Smith" comic strips: The Bodacious Best Of Snuffy Smith: A Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Collection!

I bought mine ahead of time! :)  I even went up the night before to meet up with everyone for lunch with the expectation of spending that Friday night partying--but, fell asleep at 9pm.  I think I'm getting old!!

John even posted about all of us on his Snuffy Smith blog, so go check that out when you get time!

So, here are some photos of that fun night for your review and entertainment!

Travelling down the road in Nashville, TN.
The dome home of The Nashville Predators! HOCKEY!!
John Rose shows off his new book...and sunglasses!
Lunch before the signing with delicious food and people.
Yes, delicious people.
Here is one of the delicious people in attendance: Greg Cravens!
And more cartoonists  Lonnie Easterling listens in...
Lonnie and John mug for the camera!
Muppet fans will remember the strips by Guy Gilchrist, who also
does the Nancy and Sluggo comic strips.
Hail, hail, the gang's all here!  (L-R) Bob Kimball, Lonnie Easterling,
John and Karen Rose, Greg Cravens, Guy Gilchrist (in hat), and me (in cap).

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