Sunday, January 24, 2021

Muley Reads: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Are you like me?  Hate to go to sleep until you finally fall asleep?  Sometimes, I read a book (duh!), and sometimes I lay there imagining what I could be doing instead of sleeping.  The first thought is:  I could be drawing!!

Well, that's just what Harold does!  He likes to draw with his purple crayon, and he allows his imagination to take him on a great adventure - instead of going to sleep, haha!

Grab your family and friends, grab a snack or three, and enjoy this edition of Muley Reads: Harold and the Purple Crayon!

Muley Reads is a volume of videos with Muley the Mule reading his favorite books. "Reading is Fundamental" and books bring the fun, Muley brings "da mental!" Let Muley share stories with you and your family to inspire conversation, thinking, and creativity!

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