Wednesday, January 6, 2021

1/6/2021 Storming of Domestic Terrorists at the US Capital

 A note to parents:

Today’s narrative (not unlike many situations these many years) is one that children will hear and understand only as much as their minds can, but not being able to understand more of the details – a scene on a TV is VERY close to home! – there are some things that are important.  Children have questions, and need reassurance from their adults.

First, know that whatever anxiety you feel, your kids are going to pick-up on that anxiety and become probably more anxious than you because they don’t know how to register those feelings.  It is all going to be scary to them.  You may not ever realize it, but children listen and they learn quickly about what is happening.

Second, because the television screen is so close consider leaving it off or watching when the kids aren’t present.  Why?  Some kids don’t realize that it is happening so far away from them, and violence is disconcerting that it’s shown so freely where little eyes can see it.

Third, be honest with them about what is going on, and reinforce that you are there to protect them no matter what.

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