Saturday, November 16, 2013

Memes and things...

A bunch of images I found in my computer to share...

I did this back when I was first seeing Angry Cat images online.

I hope I don't get in trouble for this one...

One of the quickly-sketched "Muley Mini" doodles, winter 2012.

This was on the shelf at Kroger.
I ran over to the Health section to find a salve to put on it...

Not sure I wanna know from where these are picked.

It's too true!

An idea by my buddy Brad.  You're in the middle of a crowd
when you start wishing you hadn't had that third cup of coffee...

...or deadly?

...and then I caught on to the REAL Angry Cat.

If you watch Walking Dead, you might get this lame joke.

I've done it too often.

Stick that where the sun don't shine!!

Son of a biscuit eater..!

Or your brain on drugs.

Pants? Pants?? We don't need no stinkin' pants!

He couldn't handle what happened...

He quit exploring Fraggle Rock and Outer Space,
and went into the orange juice business.

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