Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jane Kean, Star of Honeymooners revival dies at 90

Jane Kean, Star of Honeymooners revival dies at 90.  This leaves only one original 'known' Honeymooner, Joyce Randolph.  We're fast losing the entertainment of the ages...

For now, let's give a little appreciation to a great TV show and those who have gone before.

Everybody knows that one of my favorite shows of all-time is "The Honeymooners."  Jackie Gleason's loud-mouthed Ralph Kramden is your every man.  Sure, he might throw a lot of hot-headed threats out to those closest to him, but on the inside he was a teddy bear. Pert KeltonAudrey Meadows and Sheila MacRae performed his wife, Alice, always there to take care of him, calm him down or steam him up--the wife every man wishes he could have--was an anchor in a storm of nuttiness.  His best friend and neighbor, Ed Norton, performed by the great Art Carney, was great fun in his silliness and side-kick characterizations whose wife, Trixie, another anchor, kept the men afloat in times of trouble, and was mild-mannered with a voice of reason.

Originally played by Elaine Stritch (one time) and Joyce Randolph, Trixie Norton was performed by Jean Kean in the revival of The Honeymooners when the show moved from New York to Miami.  This version of The Honeymooners was a musical television series with song and dance numbers, and IN COLOR!

Accessible for interviews, Jane Kean would tell about her Honeymooners days with proud fervor.

The Honeymooners, as many also know, was responsible for a famous animated series:

 The most popular known cast of The Honeymooners were Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph.

The show spawned comic books, collectibles, and more over the years, including this urbanized version of the television show featuring Cedric the Entertainer.

From my own autograph collection, since we're on the topic of The Honeymooners, I have this convention booklet signed by Audrey Meadows (not personalized) and this 8x10" of Art Carney.  I've also recently written to Joyce Randolph and holding out hope for an autographed photo of her!  Will update here if I get it.

There was a TV special of the really lost episodes of The Honeymooners, including the very first sketch ever.

I also had to draw a picture of the characters in 1990 when I was 18 years old.

November 2012 saw a lot of passings.  Tonight, a sad note that also today I learned that 40-year-old actor Paul Walker died in a car crash. Ironic since his most famous series of films were those of "The Fast and Furious".

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