Saturday, February 12, 2022 - The Great Muppet Mural

I LOVE doing a collaboration with people!  It can be so much fun to share ideas and build something HUGE together.  

When given an opportunity to participate in The Great Muppet Mural, I couldn't say no.  It would be a HUGE undertaking for several artist friends who I admire, and would celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fansite with art direction by James Carroll, Kenny Durkin, and Dave Hulteen, Jr.

Dave even created a three-part documentary that will be put together as one whole film soon (links below)!

The art directors got to take place in the mural, as did 72 other artists creating 270 characters in the mural.  You can learn all about the artists HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Don't forget to visit the bottom of the ToughPigs story about the mural where you can find an artist/character key!


My three assigned characters were Sesame Street's The Amazing Mumford (and a bunny that is well-loved by Animal from The Muppet Show), Zoe and her pet Rocco, and Hup from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.  Getting a great classic character such as Mumford was a blast, and of course we love Zoe.  It was a bit of a fright to get Hup as I always stink at doing Creature Shop characters, especially new ones, but after a little research on the design I feel I caught him well in my style. 

Here, I've compiled my three characters onto the 70s set of Sesame Street because - well, why not?

You can also see the three-part "making of" documentary on the official website by clicking these links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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