Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Burns and Allen Show, presented by Carnation

When I was a kid, the first experience that I can think of knowing about George Burns was on The Muppet Show in 1977 (I was 5 years old).  

Then, I saw him in "Oh, God!" among other programs and fast learned who George Burns was - leading me to learn more about his wife Gracie Allen and their shows.  The first thing I ever saw with the two of them in it, though, was "Burns and Allen at the Antique Store."  I remember laughing so hard I was screaming!

Eventually, I learned more about Burns and Allen, got ahold of some audio cassettes of radio shows, and with the onset of cable television, I was able to begin watching some really great old television shows including The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show.  Eventually, I found a TON of their shows on the YouTube channel Jefronty - I suggest subscribing!

While watching one of the episodes, there was a big push for a cookbook from their sponsor, Carnation Milk.

This episode is the first ever mention of the book, but I didn't see this first, it's the next video that I saw first.

Here's the full show:

When I saw this, I decided to contact Carnation Milk to see if any of these cookbooks still existed.  Since they were good and snobby and didn't want to reply, I searched online where I found a copy - SIGNED BY GRACIE ALLEN!!  Boy, was I excited.  I bought that book, plus another that I could play with and read.

And of course, this is important to me because I do have George Burns' autograph from when I was a little kid in the 80s!  So, more or less, I feel that I have reconnected the act of Burns and Allen!

But, wait until you see what I found and have in my collection based on another of their episodes!  Coming soon in the next few weeks!!

The book has also been featured on this episode.

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