Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Nov. 10, 2019

On November 10, 1969, PBS and the newly formed Children's Television Workshop premiered a program that would revolutionize education and create a cultural phenomenon unmatched since!

Joan Ganz Cooney partnered with Jim Henson to create a street filled with humans, birds, monsters, grouches, and all kinds of creatures, especially my favorite and best childhood friend: Big Bird!

From the show, I learned about friendship, love, diversity, death, why hating someone for having a different skin color is bad, caring for the environment, helping animals and others, and about numbers, reading, and letters.  I learned that you can be friends with someone who looks and thinks differently, and that you can even be friends with monsters (as a kid, monsters didn't scare me because Grover and Cookie were my friends, also - even a vampire).

A lot of those lessons about life have stuck with me throughout my years, and I've remembered them all.  I also know that lots of others have forgotten those lessons and I wish would go back and learn them.

I digress.

Without my felt and fleece friends in feathers and fur I think my childhood would have been less fun or interesting.

I've drawn these beloved characters since I could color in the lines of Sesame Street Coloring Books (which helped fund the show), and collected them as often.

Sesame Workshop has announced their 50th Anniversary year-long celebration:
  • 50th television season which focuses on the power of possibilities, empowering kids to take safe risks and learn from their mistakes.
  • nationwide road trip where Sesame Street characters and friends host community events in ten cities around the country.
  • An expansion of the growing Sesame Street in Communities initiative, addressing issues including substance abuse and foster care to better support vulnerable children and families. (Note: Memphis, TN, is one of the cities that will receive help from SS in Communities.)
  • The launch of a new local version of Sesame Street created for displaced Syrian families and their new neighbors in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, as part of a large-scale early childhood intervention in the region.
  • signature research report that will explore an important issue facing kids and families today.
  • Celebrity- and fan-fueled social media campaigns including #ThisIsMyStreet, showcasing favorite Sesame Street memories.
  • New collaborations across fashion, lifestyle, and themed entertainment for Sesame Street fans of all ages.
  • A November star-studded prime-time special, featuring new takes on classic segments and visits from Sesame Street icons.
In celebrating the 50th Anniversary Season of Sesame Street, I created the image below to share with you all.  It's a quick sketch; but, one I had fun creating.  I used actual photos of the characters to sample the colors for each part of them (clothing and more), so they more closely match their real counterparts.

Of course, I have too many favorites to include in this, so from my sketch to this piece I wanted to give you a quick anniversary wish of thanks and love to the happiest street on earth.

Now, someone help me get to Sesame Street to meet Big BirdPLEEEEEASE!


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