Monday, February 11, 2019

Patrolman Edward Broadfoot - A Headstone Needed

While working as a tour guide with Historical Haunts Memphis, I learned the story about a fallen police officer who died in the building from which the tours start.  I have done some in-depth studies and plan to share those studies as updates for donors to this cause, along with scans and photos.

On February 23, 1918, Patrolmen Edward T. Broadfoot and L.C. Dowdy were dispatched to La Preferencia Café at 546 S Main Street, Memphis, TN, to investigate three men who were behaving suspiciously.  Upon entry, Officer Broadfoot noticed that there was a bag left by the door and other cases by the table of the three men.  The officers told the men they would have to submit to a search.  

Tony Wilson from Glendora, MS, had hitched a ride with the other two men into Memphis, and submitted to the search with Officer Dowdy.  Officer Broadfoot approached the other two men at the table when John Latham stood with an automatic pistol and shot Broadfoot twice, once over his eye and once in the chest, killing him instantly.  He turned the pistol on Officer Dowdy, shooting him 4 times (he lived), and one bullet going through Dowdy’s arm and into Wilson’s lung (who died later that day).  {As a side note: Dowdy’s pistol malfunctioned and did not fire.}

Officer Broadfoot’s end of watch was at approximately 2 am.  He was buried in Memphis’ Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown, and has never had a memorial to mark his grave (and neither has his wife Maude).

This site has been set up in order to gain funding to purchase and create a monument for Patrolman Broadfoot and his wife.

Historical Haunts Tours and Investigations (where I worked on a tour and learned about the death of Broadfoot, reinforcing me to research more about his story) has offered funds, and I am working with the Memphis Police Association to gain some more funding for the marker.

The marker will be a bevel, measuring 43” wide, 12” deep, and 12” tall (beveling to 6” in front) which will make it very visible from the roadway when going to visit the grave.  Typically, this type marker is valued at $2262, but I have obtained a 20% discount making the cost $1809.60.

The cemetery has fees that are $134.16 for installation, $134.16 perpetual care, and $100 processing fee making the grand total $2177.92.

I've increased the price some in order to cover the percentage fees of this website and also other incidental costs (such as in case the cemetery fee increases, and ordering the death certificate of Maude).

I hope you who read this are able to offer some funding for Patrolman Broadfoot’s marker.  

THE MARKER:  I have included my sketch of the marker which includes a 1918 badge emblem with Broadfoot's number on it.  The bevel marker is at a height and width for both Patrolman Broadfoot and his wife, Maude, so that it is noticeable from the road and easy to find.  I would love to be able to afford portraits of the couple, however I cannot locate a photo for Maude.

FAMILY:  Since it has been over 100 years since the death of Patrolman Broadfoot and no marker, I didn't figure any family was still around.  After doing a search through different ancestral websites, I still found no one.  IF any family members see this, I hope you will contact me and make a donation to the cause.

I will hope to have an unveiling ceremony for the monument when it is installed, and will post that information here as an update when that time comes so everyone is able to come see the memorial.

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