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My Pup, Bebe. Help save her?

My dog has cancer and has to go through some expensive treatments.  But, first, a story about her:

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In November 2011, my cat, Casper, noticed something moving under the (then) abandoned house next door.  His teeth were chattering and he was 'talking' about what he was seeing (to himself).  I looked expecting a squirrel or another cat, or even a bird; but, instead I was surprised to see 9 little puppies at the door squeaking and looking for their mom (which is the neighborhood 'that' dog).

Nov. 2011 - That's Bebe before she was Bebe by the wood plank.
We used the wood plank to hide the puppies under the house so
they wouldn't get taken by folks who might use them for bait dogs.
My room mate, DaMarco, and I tried a few times to get them, but they'd all run away to the back of the house and into the darkness and we couldn't see them.  Then, one Sunday morning, my bedroom door flung open and DaMarco shouted, "I got 'em!  I got 'em all!"  Stunned, and surprised, I sat up, "You got 'em, what??"  He announced he saved the puppies from under the house.

He washed them, and we took them to a farm for fostering until they could be adopted out; but, there were only 8 pups in the truck.  Rushing home to find one last little girl who didn't get washed but hid behind the toilet.


I watched as all the other puppies were being adopted out, and she was the last one.  When the e-mail came that she was wanted, I looked down at the floor and she looked back, tail wagging crazily, and I wrote back, "I apologize, someone just claimed her."  I just got a puppy.

And her name was given: Princess Bebe Williams!
Got her checked-over by the veterinarian with the full name: Princess Bebe Williams.  And suddenly, I finally found some unconditional love, something I'd never had before in my life.  As the song says, 'For once in my life I have someone who needs me.'  Hiding behind the toilet?  Last to be adopted?  She chose ME!
Well, I lay claim - but, my pal DaMarco is also one of her parents since he DID pull her from under the abandoned house (the hero he is).  And as two best friends can be, we are what I consider the best parents a pup can have.  Love, and be loved.  All three pets are treated with respect and love, and we get that in return.


Let's jump ahead 6 years to present days.


On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, I'm playing with Bebe when I notice something I hadn't noticed before.  There was a swollen bump on her foot.  I posted this photo on Facebook asking questions and was suggested to take her to the vet.

Beside Marco's pinky-finger is the big bump.  :(
On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, she gets her full check-up and shots, and a test on the bump.  It's showing as a Mast Cell Tumor.  We're instructed that the two toes can be removed and that might help; but, to fully get rid of it the leg has to be removed.

3 Best Pals!
On Thursday, August 9, 2018, we go to a different vet office where there is an oncologist that's actually helped other pets of friends, and more tests are run, but a restless night on Thursday leads me to...

Friday, August 10, 2018, at about 6:30pm I get a call from her doctor telling me that the news is not good.  The cancer has spread into the lymph node.  Rather than amputation, the doctor says we can remove the skin between the toes to remove the tumor and remove the lymph node (roughly around $3500).  This will be followed by 8 treatments over 12 weeks of chemotherapy (roughly around $2500).  This will hopefully help, but (as always) no guarantees because everyone's health is different.

(Speaking to chemotherapy for pets - it's a much lighter dosage which means that she won't get the effects of being sick the way they dose humans with it.)

So, here I sit next to by Bebe who, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way.  Never had to potty train her, she only had accidents if we didn't pay attention to her.  Never had anger issues.  Doesn't bark unless playing or excited (or thinks someone across the street might chance walking in the yard).  And loves to play, loves to be loved, and loves to love.  Yet, I sit here next to her realizing that cancer is eating at her even as I type this.

Next, I'd like to tell the world:  If you get a puppy or kitten, immediately get pet insurance while they're young and healthy.  This will seem like an additional expense that doesn't make sense until you need it at a time like this.

Finally, I plead to my friends and others: help me?  I often donate to so many causes out there, and to a bunch of gofundme and kickstarters, and even post my preferred charities when my birthday rolls around.  Then, as I post about my upcoming birthday and my list of preferred charities, I learn about my dog's condition and got the suggestion:  Let Bebe be your charity for your birthday this year.

There will be a gofundme account set up for donations which I'll post a link to HERE.

August 11, 2018
We're not trying to get something-for-nothing, so DaMarco and I are also trying to fund this surgery by offering the following payable through PayPal (Click Here) and send your donation to "Friends and Family" with a note explaining which item(s) you wish to get for your support, including your phone number and e-mail address:

DaMarco will do pet portraits to help raise funds needed.  You can see his work if you CLICK HERE (scroll down to the pet portraits).
He's doing this at exceptionally reasonable prices (huge mark-down to raise this money needed)!
11x14" $150
16x20" $250
24x30" $350
8x10" Pencil sketch $80
Prices don't include shipping, can be picked up or dropped off in Memphis, and he will just need a good, clear image of your pet to do the work.
$25 - Prints of some of his most famous paintings (Jareth the Goblin King, Little Monsters, etc., under his Oil Painting section of the link above).

DaMarco Arts Painting Party - canvas and paint supplied, $35 per person (within a 50 mile radius of Memphis) (subject to scheduling).

I will bring the "Muley and Friends Show - Live!" to you within a 50 mile radius of Memphis, TN, with a full 23-minute production for you and up to 19 of your friends and family (adults and children) for $600.  This will be similar to the shows we do at conventions and festivals.  (Subject to scheduling.) (Over 20 people, add $10 each.)

$125 - Personalized video greeting from Muley the Mule or one of his pals.

$50 - Original, personalized drawing of Muley the Mule and a personalized letter and autograph from Muley himself!  For the drawing, if you like sports or a particular movie - let me know and Muley will do that in his drawing for you!

$80 - Commission drawing from either of us (he can offer nearly anything, my specialties include my fandoms: Muppets, Peanuts, Wizard of Oz {books}...).

Our good friend Renee has offered two $50 gift certificates good for half-hour tarot readings.
CERTIFICATE # 158 has SOLD as of 9/5/2018
CERTIFICATE # 159 is still available!

Artist Elizabeth McGeorge is offering her hand-crafted magic wands to help Bebe, made under her title Whimsical Wands!

GIFT CERTIFICATE from The Broom Closet Memphis
Our friends at The Broom Closet (Rev. Omma) have offered these readings for $50 each.

Bebe says, "Thanks in advance for your help!"

August 11, 2018

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