Sunday, December 29, 2013

So long, 2013.

Well, this won't be a long post.  But, I've read a post on Facebook from Stan Sakai, a great comic book artist and story-teller whose work has brought many folks happiness for a long time, has a lot to deal with lately.  Loss of his 20-month-old grandson while his wife is also fighting an illness breaks my heart as I see pictures and read updates, and am reminded of something more.

I have seen folks post on Facebook how bad 2013 was and are ready for 2014 (the same ones who posted about 2012 ready for 2013), and I posted before that no matter how bad you might think you have it, there is always someone who is having a worse time in life.  Before thinking that 2013 was all that horrible think about what others have had to go through--even folks you don't know.  Look back at the year's news, look at the kids who've had to deal with grown-up issues, look at those suffering sickness or familial loss, and then reconsider what happened in 2013.

Compared to others, was it so bad?  I'm certain it wasn't.  Consider all the good things, the happy moments, the photos you have from events, the kids in your life, the pets, the sun rises, sunsets, landscapes you've seen with your own eyes, or even the wonder of the green grass growing around you.  The silent voice on the wind saying all is well, and it was because you chose to listen, you chose to find the happy.  That's the difference.

Life is short, a year is short compared to life (in most cases) and how you use that short time you're given is what makes it good or bad.  It is all up to you and how you use it.  So, make it good.

I hope you read this post this far to know that if you are out there and you are reading this, you've been thought of by me, even when I don't know folks I think about them, and whoever and wherever you are I'm sending love, prayers, positive energy hoping you'll do the same for me.

And also, do it for the Sakai family and others who are dealing with similar situations, be proud of the life you've been given in honor of the short life taken from their family because, no matter how bad you think you may have it, it could be far worse. 

In an instant, it can all be gone from you.  Before that instant ever comes along, be thankful for who and what you have.  Especially the 'who,' and let them know it daily.


  1. You are one of the folks I am grateful for...teachers are so fortunate -- we get to have LOTS of kids...and the special ones we keep track of all our lives.

    Thanks, Kevin, for being one of my "kids" -- and thanks for FB for keeping us in touch. Would be harder without them!

    1. I'm glad to be in touch and keep my friendships going strong! Thanks for memorable years in college. Those classes were fun.